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At our kickboxing classes, you can expect a full-body workout that engages every muscle group in your body, with a strong focus on your core. 

The rapid movements in kickboxing also improve flexibility, balance, and coordination and help you build faster reflexes.

The program focuses on 3 core elements of Kickboxing: 

  1. BOXING. This is where you are turning your fists and your forearms into weapons and shields. 

  2. KICKING – the 2nd core element in Kickboxing.

  3. Combining your KICKS and PUNCHES


Ballistic Budo Kickboxing is a powerful combination of traditional Karate-Jitsu, modern Kyokushin, and classic Muay Thai. Unique yet explosive integration of styles provides us the opportunity to create a new generation of warriors. 


The 10 top benefits of Kickboxing are: 

1.  Reduce Stress

2. Boost Confidence Levels

3. Improved Coordination

4. Burn Mega Calories

5. Ideal Cross-Training Workout

6. Energy Boost

7. Better Posture

8. Improved Flexibility

9. Improve Stamina

10. Have a great time, workout, and learn practical skills

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